Throwing A Party While The Parents Are Away

These are the best and worst type of parties growing up. You are still a teenager and has found a window of opportunity and freedom while they go out of town and is necessary to break all the rules and throw a party. While this euphoria lasts before and even sometimes during the party, this fast dissipates during the after party of cleaning. Your whole house is bound to be covered in plastic cups and food scattered and maybe even a few permanent damages to the house based on the degree to how wild the party was. Here are a few tips to help you reduce the damage and still have some fun.

Music lovers

Since this is an unconsented party and unless you have a friend who is a DJ, finding money to fund a DJ will be tough. However, that does not mean that one cannot have good music. Download a few playlists and connect your phone or ipod to the dash cams in Perth and connect it to a few buffers.

Having a car stereo installation will greatly improve the quality of sound. Reverse the car into your backyard and there you have blaring good music. However, remember to keep your phone or ipod charged so that it won’t die during the middle of the party. This technique of having the music in the backyard will also help keep the brunt of the party outside of the house and will definitely help with the cleaning up after.

Food Management

Most kids do not expect amazing food at a last minute party at a friend’s place, but it is good to have some solid food other than the nachos and potato chips. Try and order a few pizzas and hotdogs which are usually cheaper than most food and at the same time filling. Reduce the number of bags of chips you set out on the table as this is usually a cleaning disaster in the making. Someone is bound to trip over and knock the bowl off and cleaning out tiny pieces of chips off a carpet which has been squashed by a hundred different feet is no easy feat.

Also, a very essential thing to do before the commencement of the party, is to get your neighbors on board. Invite them or at least notify them of the party and respect their demands so as to prevent a phone call to your parents bringing them back home.

While the above article seems like a very bad example set for the kids, parents need to understand that this is a stepping stone for their child in taking responsibility not only as a host, but in also cleaning up after them and taking responsibility for their actions. A few innocent parties thrown will do more good than harm to your child, however, a few nanny cams and watchful neighbors will not go to waste.