Drunk Driving: Be A Part Of Putting An End To It!

Driving whilst having consumed alcohol can be listed as one of the worst crimes ever. Because not only is such a person endangering their lives but also that of the others on the road. There have been numerous incidents of people losing their lives or being confined to a space. The innocent victims who did nothing wrong but were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, is really sad indeed!How can you be part of it? 

Not ever drinking and driving yourself!

The first step helping sort this problem of drunk drive, is to never drink and drive yourself! You need to make absolutely sure that you don’t consume alcohol or any kind of intoxicating drugs and drive for that matter. You need to make absolutely certain that you don’t so it yourself to be able to achieve a zero alcohol drunk and drive accidents. Because these can be prevented! And should be prevented at all costs. If you ever have driven drunk, remember that you put many lives in jeopardy and imagine the grief you would cause your family and friends if something ever happened to you? So make an oath to yourself that henceforth under no circumstances will you ever drink and drive!

Educating friends and family

Making the oath that you will never drink and drive is just the first step in this fight. Ensuring that your friends and family does the same is the next step! You need to firstly educate your friends and family on this serious matter. The problem with drunk drivers is that they feel confident that they can manage behind the wheel although they are drunk. They foolishly believe that they have everything under control. When in fact the only thing under control is their senses to alcohol! So make them understand that putting their life’s at risk and the other’s lives in jeopardy is not okay in any way! If the vehicle is damaged you can get a dent removal done and it will look as good as new! But if a life is lost or and arm amputated is there any remedy for that? Go here http://www.balcattapanelandpaint.com.au/viewStory/dent-removal  for more information about dent removal. 

Taking cab or working out a plan with friends after consumption of alcohol

If you or your group of friends get drunk at a party or function, then arrange for a pick up cab to come get you all. You can even get a driver to take you all home in one of your vehicles. But don’t ever drive under the influence. Or one person in the group remains sober to drive the others home safely, you can take turns to be the sober one. However, it may not be practical with most so getting a cab or a driver is the best solution! Make the choice of not driving whilst drunk and you will not need to get the  nice car paint repair or worse end up in hospital!

Awareness programs

Your responsibility doesn’t stop with your friends, family or yourself! You need to be involved in social activities and campaigns that are organized to bring awareness on this matter to the society as a whole! Because after all unless we are able to make everyone understand the importance of it we will not be able to move forward towards completely eliminating this problem of drunk drive!